Huatulco Day 8
On the last day (8 May 2009) of our stay in Huatulco, Mexico, Kelly Bou and I again spent much of the day relaxing by the pool at the Dreams resort.  Some of our friends left the resort on this day but ran into some trouble with their flights being cancelled.  That prompted some concern for those of us who were heading home the next day, but I tried not to think about it too much and simply ordered another drink from the beach bar.  Later in the afternoon, Scott Mair accompanied Kelly and me to the nearby town of La Crucecita where we did a little bit of shopping.  By the time we returned to the resort, I was feeling a bit nauseous and took a nap to try and recuperate.  Dinner was at the elegant Portofino restaurant that night, and although I showed up a little late, I recovered my appetite enough to enjoy the excellent Italian food that was served there.
Even the birds were staying off the beach because of the rough waves. Some seagulls stand atop a palapa near the main pool. drink probably still has a better tan than me! Sonny is quite content to hang out by the pool with a drink all day.
Diego actually used a kisby ring to try and drag this bird out! This seagull inadvertently gets trapped in the main pool's trough.  Diego, one of the resort's entertainment staff, would eventually pull the bird out with much difficulty.
Mair is really missing his girlfriend this week. Scott M. relaxes with a book in the shade.
The pool doesn't quite have that "infinity" effect. Kelly takes a last dip in the main pool.
Is it ever bloody hot right now! Kelly and Sonny rest on a bench in the middle of La Crucecita.
The sign kinda says it all, eh? Kelly stands outside the shop where she just bought some jewelry.
Where are we going next year?? At the Portofino restaurant, Kelly shows off her new jewelry and dress while Sonny shows off Kelly.
Most of us checked out of the Dreams resort the following day (9 May 2009) and flew home without any problems.  It had been a fabulous week, and both Kelly and I enjoyed our stay at the luxurious all-inclusive resort (thank you Scott Warner and Marcella Pesiri for inviting us to your wedding).  More satisfying, though, was sharing the company of all our good friends who made this trip all the more memorable.