Snow Peak
On 8 August 2009, Kelly Bou accompanied me to Burstall Pass in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.  This was my third visit to the beautiful pass, and while Kelly was content to lounge at the pass, I continued easily up to the summit of Snow Peak.  After spending over an hour at the summit, which included a visit to the slightly lower west peak, I rejoined Kelly at the pass, and we hiked back to the trail head under increasingly rainy skies (round-trip time 8 hours).
I can't believe I didn't climb it the first two times I was at Burstall Pass! The route up Snow Peak follows the left skyline ridge.
The glacier doesn't look like much in the summer. Mount Robertson, Robertson Glacier and Mount Sir Douglas are visible to the south from the gravel flats along the trail to Burstall Pass.
A reason why this trail is so popular. Looking north from near Burstall Pass are Mount Smuts (through gap at far left), Mount Birdwood, Pig's Tail, Commonwealth Peak and Mount Galatea (through gap at far right).
There were lots of people wandering all over the pass on this day. Kelly approaches the crest of Burstall Pass with Snow Peak in the background.
The cliff bands ahead pose no problems. Sonny hikes up typical terrain on the upper parts of Snow Peak.
I was a little surprised to encounter nobody on my ascent. This is the final approach to the summit of Snow Peak.  The west peak is also visible further to the right.
Great views for minimal effort! Leman Lake is an eye-catcher to the southwest.  Mount Leval is at far right.  In the distance are Talon Peak and snowy Mount Soderholm.
It is also known as Shark Fin Peak. Here is a close-up of unofficially-named Talon Peak.
And Lunette Peak is somewhere in there too! Mount Assiniboine towers above the other peaks to the northwest.
One of the worst scree slogs in Alan Kane's guidebook. Mount Murray is visible to the east.
That green valley looks very inviting. Some of the peaks visible across the Spray River valley include Mount Vavasour (far left), Mount Warre (left of centre) and Mount Currie (right of centre in shadow).
A beautiful place to idle away a warm sunny day. Here is a close-up of Leman Lake.
This picture is strangely arousing... This is looking back at the summit of Snow Peak from the west peak.
From the summit, it's only another 7 minutes to the west peak. This is a more comprehensive view of the summit of Snow Peak as seen from the west peak.  Mount Sir Douglas is at far right.
A Mexican tourist and a one-armed man came up to the summit while I was signing the register. After returning from the west peak, Sonny holds the register canister on the 2799-metre summit of Snow Peak.
Apparently, it's not a scramble. :-( Mount Birdwood dominates the view to the northeast.
I'd like to explore South Burstall Pass the next time I come here. The view to the southeast includes Mount Sir Douglas and Burstall Pass.  Also visible is Mount French at upper left.
The scrambling difficulty of this peak is a bit overhyped in my opinion. Directly north of Snow Peak is Mount Smuts.
I doubt I'll ever climb this one... Here is a last look at Mount Sir Douglas from Burstall Pass.