Mount Nebo North Summit And North Peak
Mount Nebo is the highest peak in the Wasatch Range of central Utah.  In 2007, Kelly Bou and I made a grueling ascent of the south summit via Andrews Ridge, and although I had delusional ambitions of traversing to the slightly higher north summit, I was both out of time and too exhausted to continue.  On 14 October 2010, Kelly and I returned to ascend the north summit via the North Route, but Kelly was not feeling well and decided to turn around early.  Like the route up Andrews Ridge to the south summit, the North Route follows a good trail nearly all the way from the trailhead to the north summit.  The North Route, however, is shorter and entails less elevation gain, and on this day, the temperature was much more pleasant for hiking.  Aside from encountering a few inconsequential snow patches, I enjoyed a trouble-free ascent.  The North Route bypasses a separate mountain officially known as North Peak (not to be confused with Mount Nebo’s north summit or its northern outlier).  On my return, I expended a little bit of extra effort to traverse North Peak before rejoining the North Route for an uneventful hike back to the trailhead.
Nice views already! This is the view of Mount Nebo and North Peak from the fence line near the trailhead.
Is that a UFO at upper far right?? Here is a closer look at Mount Nebo's north summit.
The trail does take an annoying dip just ahead though! North Peak dominates much of the view on the approach.  The trail eventually leads to the right-hand skyline ridge.
This would be a good ski run in winter! The trail cuts to the right side of this draw and climbs alongside the trees to the ridge above.
Confused yet by all the 'norths'? The north ridge of North Peak grants this view of Mount Nebo's north summit (right) and its northern outlier (left).
A handy trail if North Peak doesn't interest you. The bypass trail traverses across the west slopes of North Peak.
Stiff climb ahead. This is looking up at Mount Nebo's northern outlier from Wolf Pass.
The outlier has an elevation of at least 3487 metres. This is the view of Mount Nebo's north summit from the top of the outlier.
The snow patches weren't a significant factor on this day. Sonny hikes the connecting ridge between Mount Nebo and its northern outlier.
This was so much easier than the south summit! The north summit is only a few steps away.
After tagging the south summit, it took me 3 years 4 months 13 days to tag the north summit! Sonny stands atop the 3635-metre north (true) summit of Mount Nebo.
The south summit is only a mere 15 metres lower than the north summit. Visible to the south are the south and middle summits of Mount Nebo.
Ibapah Peak is now on my to-do list! The town of Mona and the Mona Reservoir are visible to the west.  Barely discernible on the horizon at left is Ibapah Peak which is 185 kilometres due west of Mount Nebo.
And somewhere on the horizon at right is Mount Timpanogos. Looking north, the peaks in the foreground are (L to R) unnamed, Bald Mountain, and Dry Mountain.  Utah Lake is also visible in the distance.
The orange streak at centre is Devils Kitchen (hoodoos). Rolling hills predominate the landscape east of of Mount Nebo.
Wonder how many times this thing has been struck by lightning... The register container looks like something "The A-Team" would have welded together!
Guess which of North Peak's double summits is higher. This is the view of North Peak from Mount Nebo's northern outlier.  Also visible at left are Bald Mountain and Dry Mountain.  The mountain at distant right actually consists of two separate peaks--Santaquin Peak and Loafer Mountain.
Stay further right if you want to alleviate some boredom! From Wolf Pass, the south end of North Peak poses no difficulties.
Is this the true summit? The south summit of North Peak comes into view.
Though it looks higher here, the north summit is shorter by about 9 feet. This is looking at the north summit of North Peak from the south summit (3408 metres).
Took me a little over an hour to reach the top of North Peak from Mount Nebo's north summit. Here is a view of Mount Nebo from North Peak.
Gotta love 2-for-1 deals! This is a last look back at North Peak and Mount Nebo after the traverse.
If you have a really sharp eye, you may be able to spot the trailhead. From this vantage point on North Peak, Santaquin Peak and Loafer Mountain are visible at left.
I've gotten my money's worth out of these shoes and then some! Sonny's hiking shoes have seen better days!
Much more enjoyable than the hike up Andrews Ridge further south. This is the route as viewed in Google Earth.
Great way to end my Fall 2010 Road Trip! Total Distance:  14.8 kilometres
Round-Trip Time:  7 hours 6 minutes
Total Elevation Gain:  1402 metres

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