Stoney Squaw Mountain
Evalyn Wood, Kelly Bou and I drove out to Alberta's Banff National Park on 13 October 2011 and hiked up diminutive Stoney Squaw Mountain just outside the town site.  Though views are somewhat limited on this short hike (222 metres elevation gain and about 4.7 kilometres round-trip), we nevertheless enjoyed what we could see.  Besides, it was a nice way to kill about 2.5 hours before we headed into Banff for dinner at the Elk & Oarsman Pub.
I have lots of fond memories of skiing here. Mount Brewster rises up behind the base area of Mount Norquay ski resort.
I think the peak on the left is the true summit. A break in the trees affords this view to the south of Sulphur Mountain's two highest summits.
The Fortress is over 47 kilometres away. Visible to the southeast are Old Goat Mountain (centre) and the Fortress (far left).
Of course, this is not the true summit of Mount Rundle. Mount Rundle casts a striking profile to the southeast.
Ranks right up there with Exshaw Mountain and Wardle Lookout! In terms of panoramic views, the 1903-metre summit of Stoney Squaw Mountain leaves a lot to be desired.
Inglismaldie might be easier to ascend with all that snow! Mount Inglismaldie and Mount Girouard look resplendent to the east.
It would be bloody cold up there today! Cascade Mountain dominates the view to the north.
Mount Norquay's true summit is not visible here. To the west, Mount Norquay is still mostly snow-free.
Maybe next summer... Here is another look at Mount Brewster to the northwest.
Prehistoric TV set! (Can it get HD though?) Mount Bourgeau is framed by an inukshuk near the summit.
A nice day to spend some time with loved ones! Sonny, Kelly and Evalyn pose near the summit of Stoney Squaw Mountain.
I wonder if Girouard can be scrambled... Mount Girouard sports some impressive pinnacles along its southeast ridge.


I scrambled partway down the steep east face of Stoney Squaw Mountain to get this unobstructed view.

The Fairholme Range stretches into the distance on the far side of the Bow River valley.


Time to go get something to eat in Banff! Here is a last look at Mount Inglismaldie, Mount Girouard, and Mount Peechee (far right).
I would return to Stoney Squaw Mountain nearly eight years later for a repeat ascent.