Little Lougheed
On 5 November 2016, Amelie Doucet, Marko Stavric, Zosia Zgolak and I ascended Little Lougheed in Alberta's Kananaskis Country.  Marko and Amelie had already previously climbed Little Lougheed, but they were quite willing to repeat this easy ascent in the company of Zosia and me.  Following directions from Bob Spirko, we started up a good trail on the left bank of Spencer Creek.  At some point, we left the trail and climbed up through light forest to reach a rock slide.  We continued ascending a rocky rib in the middle of the rock slide and then through more forest until we cleared the last trees.  A final short grovel up a rubble slope had us on the summit ridge.  Although we stuck around long enough on the summit to take some photographs and have a quick snack, the chilly wind prompted us to return to the shelter of the trees below.  The rest of our descent was uneventful.  As others have noted, Little Lougheed is a real gem of a hike and offers outstanding views for only a modest amount of effort.  Although I do not normally repeat ascents, this one may be worth revisiting in the future.

Be sure to check out Marko's photos here.
"And that's what she said!" The group stops to chat along the banks of Spencer Creek with Mount Sparrowhawk looming in the distance.
Nice views already! Zosia stands atop a boulder in a rock slide.  Spray Lakes Reservoir is visible.
Did we lose the trail already?? The group hikes up the rock slide.

Where's the Twisted Sister??

Here is a clearer view of Spray Lakes Reservoir with Big Sister on the right.


More trees to come... The group ascends a rocky rib in the middle of the rock slide.  The summit is visible at upper left.
I'm glad I'm down here and not up there! Spindrift can be seen blowing off the summit ridge of Mount Sparrowhawk.
Feels nice to be in the sunshine again! Amelie and Zosia hike through the last trees before the summit.
Those with a keen eye should be able to make out such distant peaks as Mount Buller, Mount Smuts, Tent Ridge and Mount Shark. From this vantage point, Mount Nestor (right) is the most recognizable landmark near Spray Lakes Reservoir.
Rubble, rubble, toil and trouble... Zosia, Amelie and Marko climb the rubble slope below the summit.

Never get tired of this view!

Marko, Amelie and Zosia arrive at the summit ridge.


What a good-looking crew! Sonny, Zosia, Marko and Amelie stand on the summit of Little Lougheed (2496 metres).
Brrrr...I feel that wind here! Spindrift continues to blow off the top of Mount Sparrowhawk.
Best view of the day. Mount Nestor and Old Goat Mountain garner a lot of attention across the reservoir.
Mount Lougheed will likely be on my agenda next summer... The Windtower (distant left) and 1st Peak of Mount Lougheed sit to the north and northeast, respectively.
Anybody wanna climb this with me? Immediately to the east is the 2nd Peak of Mount Lougheed.
See ya later, Little Lougheed! Zosia, Marko and Amelie are on their way down.
A real gem of a hike--thank you, Bob Spirko! Total Distance:  6.0 kilometres
Round-Trip Time:  4 hours 32 minutes
Net Elevation Gain:  782 metres

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