On 17 April 2016, I joined Elisabeth Dupuis, Marta Wojnarowska and Zosia Zgolak for an ascent of Morrowmount, an unofficially-named peak located at the headwaters of Jura Creek north of Exshaw, Alberta.  From our parking spot on a side road near the entrance to an industrial site, we crossed the highway and followed a dirt road making a beeline for Jura Creek.  After initially passing through an interesting short canyon, we hiked up the mostly dry creek bed and then bypassed a second canyon on the west bank.  Beyond the second canyon, we settled into a long and dull trudge up the creek.  At a fork bisected by a huge yellow scree slope, we left the creek and bashed our way straight up.  Vern Dewit's GPS tracks kept us pointed in the right direction, but it is really hard to go wrong on this slope.  At one point, I broke off from the rest of the group and headed further to climber's left to gain the crest of a west-trending ridge.  I eventually reunited with the others at a col just below the west face of Morrowmount, and from there, we scrambled up to the lower south summit.  As we were about to traverse to the higher north summit, we noticed a figure coming up the slope behind us.  This lone hiker turned out to be Stephane Champoussin, a friend of Marta's and Zosia's (besides already being a Facebook 'friend', I had also met Stephane previously at one of Marta's parties).  After tagging the south summit, Stephane joined us for the easy traverse to the north summit.  Our lengthy summit stay was highlighted by Marta shooting videos of each of us individually wishing her parents a happy 55th wedding anniversary.

For our return, we traversed partway back to the south summit before descending to the aforementioned col.  From there, we stumbled down some mixed rubble until we were able to plunge-step the remainder of the scree slope back to the creek. The long march out Jura Creek is the real crux of this trip since the monotony is almost as painful as the stones underfoot.  The hot sun would have made the trek even more unbearable had it been a little higher in the sky, but it was late enough for the shade of Exshaw Ridge to provide cover over much of the creek bed.  We took lots of breaks on the way back, and Marta and Zosia also "entertained" us with a plethora of Polish songs.  Even Elisabeth got into the act with some French Canadian tunes.  There were a lot of sore feet and maybe even a few sore throats by the time we exited the canyon at the mouth of Jura Creek.  After parting ways with Stephane back at my car, we enjoyed an uneventful drive back to Calgary to end a long but fun day in the mountains.
Candidate for world's least interesting mountain? The group follows a dirt road which leads to Jura Creek.  Ahead is Exshaw Mountain.
I wonder what it was like in here during the June 2013 flood... The group hikes through a short canyon near the start.
Matthew Hobbs is a really smart guy! Marta hikes up gray limestone of the Palliser Formation (for a short but concise description of this geological formation, check out Matthew Hobbs' trip report).
If you insist on doing this hike solo, bring an iPod with lotsa tunes! Beyond the second canyon, the group prepares to endure over two hours of monotonous hiking up Jura Creek.
Not sure what sucks more, the creek hike or the scramble up this choss... The group heads up a huge yellow scree slope.
Believe it or not, Marta is actually studying Project Management as she climbs! Marta continues to grind uphill.  Zosia and Elisabeth are barely visible beside the trees at centre.
This is where I left the group to go up climber's left of the photo. The group heads for a col (not visible here) between the yellow scree and the gray slabs.
That's a contrail at left in case you were wondering! A west-trending ridge leads directly to Morrowmount's summit ridge.  The north (true) summit of Morrowmount is at centre.

Best view of the day.

The east face of Mount Fable garners much attention to the west.


Here come the ladies! Hassel Castle sticks up like a sore thumb along the ridge to the south.
I wonder what Zosia and Marta are discussing in Polish right now... Zosia, Marta and Elisabeth arrive at the col.
More crappy rubble! Zosia and Elisabeth scramble up to the summit ridge.
Marta is climbing slower; she must be multi-tasking! Marta climbs high above the col (bottom left).
Way to go, ladies! Elisabeth, Zosia and Marta arrive at the south summit of Morrowmount (2529 metres).  The north summit is visible at left.
Best part of the trip is this traverse! Stephane follows Elisabeth, Zosia and Marta along the connecting ridge to the north summit.

 Zrobiliśmy to!

Stephane, Elisabeth, Marta, Zosia and Sonny stand on the north summit of Morrowmount (2533 metres).


I should go climb Mount Lougheed this year... This is looking back at the south summit from the north summit.  The four peaks of Mount Lougheed are visible on the horizon at right.
Raff, Fabrice & Josée were supposedly up there on this day. To the northwest, the prominent peak at left is unofficially-named Mount Townsend.
I should climb these two as well someday... End Mountain and Association Peak are visible to the northeast.
And yet another mountain that I have yet to climb...I have a lot of long days ahead of me, I think! To the east is Wendell Mountain.
Hordes of people there today, guaranteed! Mount Yamnuska is seldom seen from this angle.
That's a heck of a drop on the left! The group traverses partway back along the ridge toward the south summit.

 Sure doesn't look like a scramble from here!

Here is another look at Hassel Castle.


Not the best scree surfing I've done, but it's passable. The group rapidly plunge-steps down the huge yellow scree slope.
So that's what 11 km looks like...yeesh! Here is a comprehensive view of Jura Creek valley.  Exshaw Ridge is on the right.
Zaśpiewajmy! Hiking out Jura Creek is the epitome of drudgery.
Pick a cool day and bring lotsa friends to share the suffering! Total Distance:  22.4 kilometres
Round-Trip Time:  11 hours 40 minutes
Net Elevation Gain:  1227 metres

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