Dog Lake

On our way home from Radium Hot Springs, Zosia Zgolak and I visited Dog Lake in British Columbia's Kootenay National Park on 12 March 2017.  Although we had planned to ski to the lake as described in Chic Scott's Ski Trails in the Canadian Rockies, marginal snow conditions prompted us to ditch our skis soon after we crossed the bridge over Kootenay River.  Thankfully, the snow-covered trail was already broken and packed, and we had no problems hiking to the lake in our light-touring ski boots.  After reaching Dog Lake, we only stopped long enough to snap a few photos before retracing our steps back to our skis and skiing back to the trailhead.  While Dog Lake itself is hardly a worthwhile skiing or hiking objective, the surrounding mountains are intriguing enough to possibly warrant an extended return visit in the future.
Not the most inviting shelter... Zosia skis by the warming shelter at the trailhead.

Well, it's no Peace Bridge, but it probably also didn't cost $25 million!

Zosia crosses Kootenay River on a suspension bridge.


A very nice shot by Zosia! Kootenay River appears remarkably calm on this day.

Photo courtesy of Zosia Zgolak

I should probably get some shorter skis...

Sonny carries his skis across the bridge.

Photo courtesy of Zosia Zgolak

I guess this is officially now a ski'n'hike! Zosia continues on foot up the trail.


Zosia arrives at the northwest end of Dog Lake.


Fascinating... Sonny squats to take a closer look at fleas crawling around on the ice.

Photo courtesy of Zosia Zgolak

Doh! I knew she would leave me for Frosty! Zosia finds a new boyfriend.
Not much of a ski on this day but still a pleasant short hike. Total Distance:  5.8 kilometres
Round-Trip Time:  2 hours 14 minutes
Total Elevation Gain:  205 metres

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