Rummel Lake To Chester Lake Traverse
On 20 January 2018, Andrea Battistel, Marta Wojnarowska, Racquel Wood, Zosia Zgolak and I skied the Rummel Lake to Chester Lake traverse in Alberta’s Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.  Leaving one vehicle at Chester Lake trailhead, we started skiing from the unofficial Rummel Lake trailhead which is at the Mount Engadine Lodge turnoff along the Smith-Dorrien/Spray Trail (Highway 742).  The trail to Rummel Lake was already broken, and we made good progress initially.  Rather than go all the way to the lake, we left the trail early and worked our way southward to an open corridor where we enjoyed some easy skiing until the trees closed in again at the top of a steep forested slope.  The descent down this slope was quite challenging, and we endured a bit of misery trying to dodge deadfall and make hairpin turns.  We eventually bottomed out in a drainage and then followed it into a big open meadow.  Crossing to the far side of the meadow, we climbed over a low ridge to reach Elephant Rocks and subsequently Chester Lake.  The ski down to the Chester Lake trailhead was less enjoyable than I had imagined, but it was fast nonetheless.
Feels good to be skiing again after a long layoff! Marta and Racquel start up the broken trail beside the highway.

Looks tempting to go ski there instead!

An opening in the trees early in the traverse grants this view of Tent Ridge.


I hope we're going in the right direction! After leaving the trail to Rummel Lake, Zosia follows this convenient open corridor.
Well, this was a pleasant surprise! The corridor widens considerably midway through the traverse.
Hot yoga with some hot women!

Even while taking a break, Andrea, Zosia, Racquel and Marta stay active by doing calisthenics.

Maybe we should have brought light touring skis? The group continues their traverse of the corridor.
Fun times ahead! The easy skiing comes to an abrupt end as trees close in while the slope drops away steeply.
Not for the timid! The group makes a descending traverse down the steep forested slope.
Not fun! There are inevitably a few spills in this kind of terrain.
Whew! We're all still in one piece! The group eventually clears the trees and reaches this drainage.
It was very challenging to climb out of this drainage. Zosia climbs out of the drainage and into a big open meadow.
That gully looks very inviting to ski! At the far side of the big meadow, the group follows ski tracks into the trees to the right.
Which one is Dumbo? The group takes a breather at Elephant Rocks.
Still a few annoying little uphills on the way out though! The ski out along Chester Lake trail is relatively straightforward.
A very sad place. Total Distance: 13.7 kilometres
Round-Trip Time: 5 hours 24 minutes
Total Elevation Gain: 649 metres

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