Dove Hill

On 6 August 2020, Zosia Zgolak and I stopped in Castlegar, British Columbia for a much-needed shower at the Pass Creek Campground ($5.00 per person for non-campers and no time limits).  After charging up some batteries and doing some grocery shopping, we decided to stretch out our legs with a walk up Dove Hill on the east side of town.  The short hike starts near the entrance to Castlegar Golf Club along Aaron Road.  There is a small pullout for a couple of cars just outside the gate to the golf course, and the trailhead kiosk is about 50 metres beyond the gate on the left.  The trail is pretty flat for the first half kilometre or so, but then it begins to climb more steeply up a series of switchbacks culminating in a nice viewpoint overlooking the town (1.7 kilometres one-way from the trailhead with 140 metres elevation gain).  The actual high point of Dove Hill is on a forested bump a short distance further along the trail, but there are no far-reaching views here.  During our hike, we got a second shower of the day when it started raining just as we arrived at the viewpoint.  Fortunately, the rain was light and short-lived, and the cooler temperatures were most welcome after a week of hot weather in the province.  While it is possible to continue down the far side of Dove Hill and do a loop, we opted to simply hike back the way we came.  Dove Hill turned out to be a great option for a rainy "rest day", and we would be refreshed and ready for the next day's adventures.
Not bad for a rainy day hike. Zosia stands at a viewpoint overlooking Columbia River and the town of Castlegar.
Count it! Sonny and Zosia take a selfie on the viewless high point of Dove Hill (749 metres).