Jumpingpound Mountain And Moose Mountain North Peak
On 3 October 2021, Daniel Dufresne, Aga Sokolowska, Zosia Zgolak and I ascended Moose Mountain North Peak via Jumpingpound Mountain and its east ridge in Alberta's Kananaskis Country Public Land Use Zone.  The non-technical route is described in Gillean Daffern's Kananaskis Country Trail Guide and entails climbing over the summit of Jumpingpound Mountain as well as an additional four distinct high points along the connecting ridge to Moose Mountain.  The signed trailhead is located along Powderface Trail 17 kilometres south of the junction with Highway 68 or 18 kilometres north of the junction with Highway 66.

Daniel, Aga, Zosia and I started the trip with an easy hike up the well-maintained trail to Jumpingpound Mountain.  The only issue we had was when we emerged from the shelter of the forest and were immediately pummeled by strong winds.  We did not linger long on the summit before dropping down the east side of Jumpingpound Mountain to follow its long and undulating east ridge.  We had a good beaten path to follow for the first two high points (JP1 and JP2), and after passing a weather vane, we opted to stick to the ridge crest to reach a third high point (JP3).  Although the beaten path was less defined here, travel was still relatively easy.  From JP3, we dropped down a forested slope into a dip before climbing up a long grassy ridge to a fourth high point (JP4).  A steep rubble slope guards the east side of JP4, but we were able to safely pick our way down to a wellsite sitting in the col below.  Passing the wellsite, we had no problems climbing a long but easy slope to the top of Moose Mountain North Peak.  Had I planned this trip better, I might have considered setting up a car shuttle in order for us to do a one-way traverse over the top of Moose Mountain, but since we all had been up there before, tagging the true summit was not a big priority for us.  Strangely enough, the wind was not so bad on top of Moose Mountain North Peak, and we were able to stop for a comfortable break there before commencing our return trip.

Leaving the top of Moose Mountain North Peak, Daniel, Aga, Zosia and I dropped back down to the wellsite, but instead of climbing back up JP4, we followed the wellsite's access road to the northwest for about 1.5 kilometres.  Where the road begins to drop and turn away to the north, we abandoned it and thrashed our way uphill to regain the ridge crest somewhere between JP3 and the weather vane.  The bushwhacking here was a little unpleasant but thankfully short-lived.  The remainder of our hike back over JP2, JP1, and Jumpingpound Mountain was wearying but uncomplicated, and the final descent to the trailhead was quick and uneventful.
Now we're getting pummeled by the wind!

After climbing up through viewless forest, the group breaks out of the trees just below the top of Jumpingpound Mountain.

My second ascent of this mountain! Aga, Zosia, Daniel and Sonny stay low on the summit of Jumpingpound Mountain (2241 metres) to avoid getting blown over by the strong wind.
I didn't have room to label Mount Glasgow, Mount Cornwall, and Compression Ridge. This is looking south from the summit of Jumpingpound Mountain.

Can you spot Mount Romulus?

Here is the view to the southwest.


Nice grass, eh? The northern half of the Fisher Range spans the western horizon.
A traverse to Cox Hill from here would be a nice hike...or bike! Similar ridges stretch away to the north.
We're just getting started! The group heads for the first of four intervening high points between Jumpingpound Mountain and Moose Mountain North Peak.
Daniel probably wishes he was mountain biking right now! This is looking back at Jumpingpound Mountain from near the top of the first high point (JP1; 2200 metres).
We're making really good progress! The group carries on to the next high point (JP2; 2200 metres) along the ridge crest.  Moose Mountain is visible in the distance at upper right.

You've come a long way, baby!

Aga stands beside a cairn near the third high point (JP3; 2130 metres).  Jumpingpound Mountain (far left), JP1 (centre), and JP2 (right) are visible in the background.


We could have bypassed both JP3 and JP4 had we dropped off the ridge crest earlier. Aga drops down to a dip just beyond JP3.

Looks a bit daunting to get up there...

On their way to the top of the fourth high point (JP4; 2201 metres) at far right, Daniel, Aga and Zosia get their first good look at Moose Mountain North Peak (left of centre)..


It's only a model! Shhhh!!! A wellsite occupies the col between JP4 and Moose Mountain North Peak.
Dropping down this way is not bad but not fun either! Zosia, Aga and Daniel begin descending a steep rubble slope on the east side of JP4.
I wonder if they would allow people to bike up here... After dropping down from JP4, the group walks up the access road to the wellsite.
Just a long uphill grind here. Zosia, Aga, and Daniel climb up the west slope of Moose Mountain North Peak.
Might be another hike in the near future for us... Gillean Daffern calls this the "north- north summit".

Surprisingly, it's not even that windy up here!

Sonny, Zosia, Aga and Daniel stand atop Moose Mountain North Peak (2378 metres).


Not included in our plans for this day! Here is the connecting ridge to the true summit of Moose Mountain.

So many familiar peaks on the horizon!

Here is a comprehensive view of the entire route from Jumpingpound Mountain (left).


This would be a great slope for skiing in winter...if there was enough snow! Zosia and Daniel descend the west slope of Moose Mountain North Peak.
I guess we could have avoided the trees when we were descending from JP4. Zosia and Aga descend to the wellsite with JP4 on the far side of the col.
Easy street...for a short distance only! Aga, Daniel and Zosia hike part of the wellsite access road in order to bypass JP4 and JP3.  At far right is JP2.
Just do it. Zosia prepares to bushwhack to get back to the ridge crest.
In retrospect, this would probably be the best place to abandon the ridge crest in order to bypass JP3 and JP4. Here is a glance back at Moose Mountain North Peak (centre) from a weather vane on the ridge crest just east of JP2.
Last dip and longest re-climb of the day. Aga and Zosia leave the top of JP1 and are returning to Jumpingpound Mountain (left).

There and back again...just like The Hobbit!

From near the summit of Jumpingpound Mountain, here is another comprehensive view of the entire route to Moose Mountain North Peak (right).


A strenuous but rewarding ridge walk. Total Distance:  18.9 kilometres
Round-Trip Time:  8 hours 22 minutes
Cumulative Elevation Gain:  ~1366 metres

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