Caldron Lake

Angie Gignac, Dan Millar, Kelly Wood and I hiked up to Caldron Lake in Banff National Park on 26 August 2001.  Kelly and I attempted this hike three years ago, but a late start and soaring temperatures sapped us of both our will and energy at the bridge over the Peyto Glacier outlet stream.  This time, we got an earlier start, and the weather was much more pleasant.  After elbowing our way past the hordes of tourists crowding onto the Peyto Lake viewpoint, we quickly left the mob behind and descended the trail down to the gravel flats at the south end of the lake.  We continued easily across the flats, over a minor forested hump, and along the rocky banks of the glacial outlet stream.  After crossing the bridge, we began the long climb up the lateral moraine, and at the top, we were rewarded with a spectacular view of the Peyto Glacier.  From here, we traversed below the eastern cliffs of Peyto Peak before reaching the remarkably beautiful Caldron Lake.  Instead of exploring the open terrain beyond the lake, we were quite content to lounge about near the lakeshore.  Besides, we had the whole lake to ourselves that day; no one else was there.  Our return trip was long and tiring, especially our final steep grunt back up to the Peyto Lake viewpoint.
Another classic!
I couldn't resist taking this tourist photo of Peyto Lake.
Find Angie in this picture.
The access route to Caldron Lake climbs up the lateral moraine before traversing below the east face of Peyto Peak. 
The bridge is not as exposed as it looks.
Angie walks across the bridge over the Peyto Glacier outlet stream.
Seems like a long way back to Peyto Lake.
Angie and Kelly climb up the lateral moraine.
Almost there!
Mount Patterson commands attention in this view from the traverse below the east face of Peyto Peak.
Caldron Lake at last!
Mistaya Mountain dominates the scenery near Caldron Lake.
I wonder who left those big ski tracks?
Dan points a stick at the spectacular Peyto Glacier.