Carbon Glacier
On 9 April 2001, Kelly Wood and I drove to Mount Rainier National Park in the state of Washington and hiked up the Carbon River valley to the toe of the Carbon Glacier.  While hiking through the lush forest, we were constantly pelted by meltwater falling from the trees.  As we neared the glacier, we had to cross the Carbon River on a rickety suspension bridge.  The old wooden planks were showing much wear and tear, and we held our breaths as we gingerly stepped on the planks for fear that they might collapse at any moment.  Several missing planks justified our concern. Safely across the river, we climbed steadily up to the terminal moraine where we stopped for lunch and enjoyed the view of the glacier.  A crow stopped by to check out what we were eating, but we were finally convinced to leave when a few rocks, probably loosened by melting snow, came whizzing down from the cliffs above us.
The Rickety Bridge
Kelly crosses the rickety suspension bridge over the Carbon River.
The Carbon Glacier
Kelly watches for rockfall from the cliffs above while eating lunch at the toe of the Carbon Glacier.