Dinner Party
On 15 December 2001, Kelly Wood and I hosted an early Christmas dinner party.  I cooked up a rather soupy chicken casserole dish which was nevertheless edible and appreciated (or so they said) by all who attended.  After dinner, we had a rousing game of "Guesstures", basically a commercial version of charades with some nifty gimmicks thrown in.
Eating Raoul!
In attendance were (clockwise around table from left) Kelly, Scott Warner, Marcella Pesiri, Rupali Srivastava, Raman Srivastava, Scott Mair, Joanne Francis nee Carter, Dolly Carter, and Mike (Dolly's neighbour).
Scott's cel phone is purely ornamental.
Scott still cannot stand Sonny's cooking.
Ray, how many long-term relationships has Dolly had?
Raman just won't let disco die.