Grand Beach
On the evening of Thursday, 26 July 2001, Scott Warner, Kelly Wood and I flew to Winnipeg, Manitoba to spend a few days at Grand Beach.  Scott's parents, Keith and Marian Warner, were kind enough to pick us up from the airport and take us to their summer cottage in Grand Marais, a small village just south of Grand Beach.

Rain kept us mostly indoors on Friday, but we managed to visit Ron (Keith's brother) and Dawn Warner's new cabin as well as play "Yahtzee!" with the Warners and a few friends of theirs.  That night, Kelly and I had a nice walk around Grand Marais, and we ended it with a visit to Lanky's (a local favourite hot dog/ice cream stand famous for its two-foot long hot dogs) to get some ice cream.
Includes a toilet and shower to boot!
Ron and Dawn Warner's New Cabin at The Heights
Clockwise From Far Left:  Randy, Margaret, Marian, Dawn, Ron, Scott, Mina ( the dog), Keith, and Kelly.
Scott, Kelly and I managed to get to the beach on Saturday and enjoy a few hours of sunbathing and frolicking in the waters of Lake Winnipeg.  That evening, Marian's brother, Bill Fawcett, who also has a cottage nearby, joined us for a delicious barbecued chicken dinner.  Afterwards, Scott, Kelly and I went to a nearby mini-putt course to play a round of mini-golf.  The swarms of mosquitoes and a crooked putter didn't help my cause.  A second visit to Lanky's for ice cream did much to make me forget about my itchy mosquito bites, but my golf game was already forgettable as it was.
Happy Daze!
Keith and Marian Warner's Cabin in Grand Marais
Go for a dip?
Grand Beach
Ho hum...another sunset on Lake Winnipeg.
This is the view of Lake Winnipeg from the road out front of the cabin.
Eat your heart out, Tiger Woods!
Kelly uses her putter to swat mosquitoes.
Although our return to Calgary on Sunday was somewhat of an ordeal (Kelly and Scott had to wait at the Winnipeg Airport for about six hours before getting on a flight), I was pleased to visit Grand Beach again after a long hiatus (I hadn't been there since August of 1995).