Harrison Lake
On 11 April 2001, Kelly Wood and I hiked up the Campbell Lake trail near the town of Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.  Although views were limited, we still found the hike through the forest to be quite appealing.  I startled a garter snake near the trailhead, and later on, a woodpecker entertained us with its percussive tapping.  Instead of hiking all the way to the lake (not worth it, according to Kathy & Craig Copeland in their book, Don't Waste Your Time in the BC Coast Mountains), we ended our hike at a so-called helipad overlooking fabulous Harrison Lake. I could hardly believe that this boulder-strewn, postage stamp-sized clearing surrounded by tall trees could serve as a helipad.  A pilot would have to be either desperate or crazy to try to land here.  After a pleasant lunch among the boulders, we headed back down the trail.  Nearing our car, we were fortunate to see a magnificent heron fly by and land on a high tree perch.  This really was the icing on the cake as I had never seen one in the wild before.
Wild Bleeding Heart
A wild bleeding heart
Harrison Lake
View of Harrison Lake from the "Helipad"
The Cheam Range
This is the Cheam Range as viewed from the Campbell Lake trail.  Cheam Peak is at right.