Kirkland, Washington
On 5 April 2001, Kelly Wood and I drove to Kirkland, Washington to visit my brother and his family.  William and his wife, Lynette, have two young boys, James and Daniel.  It was the first time I had seen them all since they were in Calgary over three years ago.  At that time, they had been living in California, but they recently moved to Kirkland when my brother got a new job in Seattle.  Over the next five days, we visited various places in and out of town, went out for dinner a couple of times (my brother picked up the tab both times--I'll have to return the favour when they come to Calgary), and spent one day just hanging out at my brother's place.  Here are some of my lasting impressions of the visit:  mummies in Ye Ole Curiosity Shoppe, expensive groceries, rainy weather, and the kids' daily dinnertime antics (ugh).
Kelly gets a cold response from some locals in downtown Kirkland.
Dead Serious
Kelly gets an even colder response from a mummy in Ye Ole Curiosity Shoppe in downtown Seattle.
Scooter Brothers
James and Daniel ride their scooters in front of their home.
One For Mom
L to R:  James, William, Lynette, Daniel, Kelly, and Sonny