Tent Ridge Horseshoe
On 23 June 2001, I made my third attempt at hiking the Tent Ridge Horseshoe near Mount Engadine Lodge in Kananaskis Country.  The key to gaining the ridge is finding 'Monica Brook' and following it up to the head of the valley encircled by the Horseshoe.  Twice previously, I was unable to find the brook and ended up in a cutblock well to the east.  This time I would not be denied.  Accompanying me were Kelly Wood (she was with me on the first try), Dan Millar (he was with me on the second try), Stephanie Stotz-Laing and Ken Laing.  Even though we found the brook, there was still a bit of backtracking and thrashing around in the bush at the start.  At the head of the valley, we scrambled up onto the east end of the Horseshoe and continued on over two high points (with terrific views of 'The Fist' and Mount Smuts) before reaching Tent Ridge, the west end of the Horseshoe.  Descending from this end also entails some tricky routefinding, and we ended up bushwhacking again for a bit before finding the correct exit trail.
Great place for a snooze!
 This tarn at the head of the valley is a great place to relax and contemplate the ensuing climb.
The worst is over!
Kelly rests below a small rockband while Dan (on top of the knob in the middle) approaches the first  major high point (not visible) along the Horseshoe.
This is starting to get tiresome!
Kelly prepares to descend to the col before climbing up to the 2554-metre summit of the Tent Ridge Horseshoe.
It's all downhill from here!
Ken and Dan peer over the edge while starting the final glorious walk along Tent Ridge.
Not a bad view, eh?
Dan stoops to allow a clear view of the Tent Ridge Horseshoe and a wealth of peaks in the background including Mt. Birdwood at far right.