Bloedel Conservatory
Arriving early in Vancouver, B.C. to visit Kelly Wood's grandmother (who actually lives in Richmond), Kelly and I decided to visit the Bloedel Conservatory at Queen Elizabeth Park on 10 April 2001.  The Conservatory, despite its diminuitive size, houses a respectable collection of tropical plants.  More impressively, it is home to a large number of exotic birds.  Of course, with this many birds in a limited space, 'accidents' are bound to befall tourists, and we were certainly no exception.  While sitting on a bench admiring the surroundings, Kelly and I were bombarded from above by what we thought was bird poop.  Upon closer examination (and much cleaning up in the bathroom), the odorless stuff was more likely some partially chewed fruit that fell out of some sloppy bird's mouth.  Nevertheless, we will consider bringing an umbrella the next time we set foot in this building.
The Gardening Guru
Kelly tours the Conservatory.
Colourful, yes, but deep down, it probably tastes just like chicken.
This is a Red Golden Pheasant (thanks to Sue Gawne for the info).
Hard to imagine all those tiny little bones would make for good eating.
Even the birds are on welfare in British Columbia...
Sonny feeds a Canada Goose outside the Conservatory.