Christmas 2002
Christmas 2002 was a hectic period for me and Kelly Wood.  On 21 December 2002, we drove to Edmonton, Alberta in the evening and stayed the night at Chris (Kelly's brother) Wood's and Edwina Podemski's hot tub palace.  The next day, we all went over to Bob (Kelly's dad) and Una Wood's place for a hearty brunch of ham and pancakes.  Following the brunch, we had a Christmas gift exchange before relaxing for the rest of the afternoon.  Kelly and I returned to Calgary, Alberta that same evening.
There's a happy man.
Bob relaxes after eating a hearty brunch.
The waiting is the hardest part.
Kelly awaits the gift exchange after a hearty brunch.
Nice clean socks!
Chris contemplates 'dropping his knickers' after a hearty brunch.
On Christmas Day, Kelly and I opened up a few gifts under our tree before getting down to work cleaning the house and preparing a turkey dinner.  My mom, Grace Bou, and our friend, Dan Millar, joined us for dinner later that evening.
Hi Mickey!
Evalyn Wood gave Sonny this fun, sticky mouse for Christmas.
Hours of entertainment.
Sam has a lot of fun with Sonny's mouse.
Shades of Mr. Bean's Christmas?
Sonny has a lot of fun stuffing the turkey.
There's a happy cat.
Tasha has this holiday thing all licked.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?
Even the bathroom mirror is in a festive mood!
It's suppertime!
Sonny, Kelly, Grace Bou and Dan Millar sit down to a delicious Christmas turkey dinner.
Kelly and I had a post-Christmas open house party on 28 December 2002.  We laid out a monstrous amount of food including hummus with pita, a veggie plate with dip, spicy meatballs, cheese with crackers and salami, Chinese dumplings (courtesy of my mom), various desserts, an iced-tea punch, assorted soda pop, several cases of beer and a couple of bottles of wine.  A good time was had by all.
Calories galore!
The nutcracker archer guards the goodies.
Who are these people?
Lyle and his anonymous wife help accentuate Kelly's award-winning jacket.
Hours of frustration.
Dan fiddles with a very difficult puzzle.
We like to party!
From L to R are Joanne Francis, Keith Warner, Raman Srivastava, and Scott Mair.
We also like to party!
From L to R are Grace, Marian Warner, Rupali Srivastava, Neerja Kaiser, Nicholas Srivastava, and Neelam Kaiser.
The real life of the party...
Dan's sticky octopus is a real crowd pleaser.
Keith has the ball rolling.
Keith gives Sonny's powerball a whirl.
Ray has had a lot of practice, especially with his right hand!
L to R are Marian, Raman Srivastava, Nathan Srivastava and Rupali.  The powerball brings back fond memories for Raman of his bachelor days.