Lab Christmas Lunch
My boss, Dr. Pere Santamaria, treated my lab mates and me to a Christmas buffet lunch at the University of Calgary Dining Centre on 20 December 2002.  The scrumptious buffet included a variety of salads and fruits, mashed potatoes, turkey with dressing, ham and an assortment of enticing desserts.  The crowded dining room attested to the popularity of this annual feasting (also in attendance were the entire Animal Resource Centre staff and the folks from the DNA Synthesis Lab).
The Serious Side Of Research
From L to R are Pere Santamaria, Lisa Allen, Laurie Robertson, Jun Yamanouchi, Bing-Ye Han and Pau Serra.
The Not-So-Serious Side Of Research
From L to R are T.T., Marcela Deuma-Myers, Connie Courts, Shari Thiessen, and Tara MacRae.
Marcela loves her desserts. 
Lost souls...
The Santamaria Lab Technicians