Mexican Night
On the evening of Saturday, 23 November 2002, my friends, Scott Warner and Marcella Pesiri, held a dinner party at their home.  Marcella had just returned from Mexico along with her mother, Yolanda Casado, and they put on a scrumptious feast of authentic Mexican dishes such as pollo en mole poblano (chicken in a special chocolate sauce--yes, chocolate!), puerco en achiote (pork in some other special sauce), carne en chile pasilla (beef in yet another type of sauce), and queso con chorizo (melted cheese with crumbled sausage resembling bacon bits).  To complement the dinner, Scott provided an assortment of alcoholic beverages, most notably some Mexican Sangria.  A good time was had by all.
This is what happens when you eat too much sweets.
These miniature decorative skulls are made of sugar.
Holy mole!
This is the pollo (chicken) with the mole (chocolate sauce) yet to be added.
Looks like shredded carrots.
This is the puerco en achiote.
Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting!
Scott starts Kung-Fu fighting after having one too many.
This is chilorio (another style of pork) with some pico de gallo on a corn tortilla.
These sisters are bad!
Dorthea Carter (in red) and her sister, Joanne Francis, are a couple of banditos to be reckoned with.
Oh no...not a dog with clothes on!
Marcella turns her attention to someone across the room while Mina begs her to take off that silly green shirt.
Feel you arteries hardening yet?
This is the decadently rich queso con chorizo.
It's a small world after all.
Kelly Wood (green babushka), by chance, meets up with Laurie Stewart, the real estate agent who sold Kelly and Sonny their house four years ago.
Happy Birthday, Yolanda!
Yolanda beams while everyone sings "Happy Birthday".
Four relics from the Henry Wise Wood High School Band
It's just like old times!  L to R, Sonny, Raman Srivastava, Scott, and Scott Mair have been partying together since their days at Henry Wise Wood High School.