Mount Revelstoke/Dawson Falls
After a refreshing night's stay in the "R" Motel in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Dan Millar, Kelly Wood and I drove up the Meadows-in-the-Sky Parkway in Mount Revelstoke National Park on 28 August 2002.  From the Balsam Lakes parking lot, we hiked the one kilometre-long Meadows-in-the-Sky Trail to the summit of Mount Revelstoke.  There's actually a free shuttle bus that ferries people back and forth between the summit and the Balsam Lakes parking lot.  Too bad most of my scrambles aren't this easy!  We ripped through all the interpretive trails near the summit before returning to my car.  Dan walked back while Kelly and I took the shuttle bus.  Like the Sulphur Mountain gondola in Banff, Alberta, I just can't resist a free ride down!
Peak bagging doesn't get any easier than this!
Sonny and Kelly stand near the old lookout tower on the 1938-metre summit of Mount Revelstoke.
Cold enough for you, Dan?
In the Selkirk Summit, the free publication put out by Parks Canada as a guide to Glacier and Mount Revelstoke National Parks, this chunk of snow in a shady rock cleft not far from the summit parking lot is known as the "Icebox" and is touted  as being the world's smallest glacier.  Yeah, whatever.
After our visit to Mount Revelstoke National Park, we drove to Wells Gray Provincial Park which is about 160 kilometres north of Kamloops, BC.  We camped at the Pyramid Campground which is within walking distance of spectacular Dawson Falls on the Murtle River.
Anyone have some shampoo and soap?
Awesome Dawson Falls