"Mule Shoe Ridge"
My friend, Dan Millar, turned 41 on 15 September 2002.  In celebration of his birthday, Kelly Wood and I threw a surprise birthday party for him at the top of "Mule Shoe Ridge", the western outlier of Mount Cory in Banff National Park.  Before we could have the party, we had to climb up the ridge which rises over 850 metres in about 2 kilometres.  I managed to haul up a 9-inch apple streusel cake intact, but I had a difficult time lighting the candles because of the light breeze at the top.  For his birthday, Kelly and I got Dan a personalized card (made by me), a LED headlamp, 3 handkerchiefs (made by Kelly), and possibly the world's smallest working harmonica.
The relentless grind begins.
"Mule Shoe Ridge" is the forested hill at left.
Make a wish!
Dan has his cake.  Some prominent peaks visible behind him include Mount Temple, Castle Mountain and Mount Ishbel.
I want to see...a man with three buttocks!
Old age can do strange things to people.  Pilot Mountain and Copper Mountain are visible in the distance.
Need a rope?
Sonny fools around on some slabs near the top of "Mule Shoe Ridge".