Pilot Mountain
On 9 August 2002, Dan Millar and I scrambled up Pilot Mountain in Banff National Park.  The steep access drainage took its toll on us as we slogged our way up to the basin on the northwest side of the mountain.  The traverse below the rock band guarding the northwest ridge was no cakewalk either.  I was pretty hosed by the time we reached the bottom of the chimney leading to the difficult sections below the summit ridge.  With the bulk of the scree and height gain behind us though, the exposed scrambling on the upper part of the mountain proved to be quite a lot of fun and seemed to perk me up considerably.  On our descent, we made one route-finding error going down the access drainage and had to backtrack up the slope for about 50 metres to get back on course.  Overall, this was a physically punishing scramble for me, and I am awed by the fact that some people manage to squeeze Mount Brett into the same trip.
Still a long ways to go!
Dan traverses the northwest basin.  The scramble route essentially follows the right skyline.
Lotsa fun!
Dan scrambles up some steep ledges below the summit ridge.
Almost there!
Dan walks along the summit ridge.  The actual summit is out of view further along the ridge.  Barely visible in the distance at left is Mount Assiniboine.


Sonny gives a rather unenthusiastic 'thumbs up' on the 2940-metre summit.
Dan is actually in the shadows.
The Chimney