Raman Srivastava's Birthday

On 29 November 2002, my friend, Raman Srivastava, celebrated his 35th birthday.  His wife, Rupali, cooked up a delicious East Indian dinner while Raman's next-door neighbour, Allan Lafrance, supplied the cake (made by Allan's wife, Pam, who wasn't able to attend the party).  For his birthday, Raman received a bottle of wine and a DVD of The Lord Of The Rings:  The Fellowship Of The Ring (extended version).  Raman, Rupali and their two sons recently returned from a four-month trip to India, and this birthday party was an excellent opportunity for them to reacquaint themselves with some of their friends in Calgary.
The real reason Raman married Rupali!
Rupali cooks up a storm.
The real reason Raman's friends show up at his place.
Kelly Wood, Joanne Francis and Scott Mair sample some of the delicious appetizers.
I need a beer.
Allan solemnly guards the cake his wife made for Raman.
Letting kids play with fire...
Nathan Srivastava and his father, Raman, fall asleep waiting for Nicholas Srivastava to light the candles with the child-proof lighter.
Cute kid.
Raman's young cousin, Simran Srivastava, waits patiently for the lighting of the cake.
Time for Rupali to put something in Raman's mouth for a change!
The traditional hand-feeding of cake to the birthday boy commences.