Mount Seymour
I was supposed to help Angie Gignac move into her new home on 28 September 2002, but the former tenants had not completely vacated the place yet.  Instead of letting the day go to waste, Angie and I climbed up Mount Seymour in Mount Seymour Provincial Park just north of Vancouver, British Columbia.  The trail which visits the triple summits of Mount Seymour is extremely popular, and this particular Saturday was no exception.  Despite the circus-like atmosphere throughout the area, I was quite pleased by the abundance of views, the ruggedness of the terrain, and, last but not least, the splendid company.
Are we there yet?
Angie gets a first look at some cliff bands ahead.
Easy, fun scrambling!
Angie scrambles up a rocky slope between the second and third summits.
Looks like a bus stop.
Sonny and Angie reach the 1455-metre third (highest) summit.
Yo, Adrian!
Angie does the "Rocky" pose.
Slippery when wet.
Angie has fun going up a rooty part of the trail.
I guess Angie snapped this photo for me!
Sonny (arms raised) stands on top of First Pump Peak.
A little over 14 years later, I would return for a ski ascent of First Pump Peak only.