Calgary Stampede Parade 2002
Members of the HMCS Tecumseh Naval Reserve Band (my unit), the King's Own Calgary Regiment Band, and the Loyal Edmonton Regiment (LER) Band combined to represent the Canadian Armed Forces at this year's Calgary Stampede Parade (5 July 2002).  Our band was expertly led by the drum major, Sgt Brian Ellis, from the LER Band.  We played such memorable marches as Army Of The Nile, Canada On The March, Colonel Bogey, Imperial Echoes, and, everyone's favourite, The PPCLI Regimental March.  The weather was perfect, and the crowd was great as usual.  Dodging horse dung was a different matter though as it appeared that the city decided to go cheap on incorporating street cleaners in the parade this year.  Instead of sweeper trucks, there were a bunch of minor hockey league kids (poor devils) scooping the 'stuff' into a  special buggy tastefully adorned with minor hockey association banners.  Hmm...
Good dressing, front row!
Marching Along 6th Avenue S
Photo Courtesy of Grace Bou
That's me, the middle of the three trombonists.
Marching Along 9th Avenue S
Photo Courtesy of Grace Bou