Mount St. Piran
Dan Millar, Kelly Wood and I hiked to the top of Mount St. Piran near Lake Louise in Banff National Park on 21 July 2002.  The Lake Agnes trail was extremely busy on this day, but we left most of the crowd behind us when we turned onto the trail to the Little Beehive (which we visited on our way down).  At the summit, we were entertained by some golden-mantled ground squirrels and a pika.
Beats hanging around the crowded teahouse.
Kelly hikes up the switchbacking trail.  From L to R in the distance are Mount Fairview, Mount Temple, Haddo Peak and Mount Aberdeen.
Kelly bags another peak!
Kelly relaxes at the summit of Mount St. Piran.  That's Mount Hector at right, and Hector Lake is just visible at left.
Can you spot Pilot Mountain in the distance?
Dan stands high above Lake Louise and the Big Beehive (in shadow).  Mount Fairview dominates the view across the lake.
Got anything to eat?
This golden-mantled ground squirrel was nice enough to pose for a picture near the Lake Agnes teahouse.