One Night In Banff
On 2 May 2003, Yolanda Casado, Joanne Francis, Scott Mair, Marcella Pesiri, Raman Srivastava, Rupali Srivastava, Scott Warner, Kelly Wood and I spent an evening partying at Tunnel Mountain Resort in Banff, Alberta.  Yolanda and Marcella cooked a scrumptious Mexican dinner for everyone, and we spent the rest of the night drinking and playing games.  The girls kicked the guys' butts at Ultimate Outburst while the guys returned the favour in Trivial Pursuit (Millenium Edition).  The next morning, everyone had a nice breakfast before taking a short stroll through downtown Banff and then heading home.
All this for one night's stay?!
Rupali shows off the cargo in the back of the "liquor van".
The door's open?  Hot damn!
Scott is surprised to find the patio door unlocked in the adjacent unit.
Party time!
The condo is very cozy for a party of nine.
I can't believe the girls are kicking our asses!
Scott and Raman check the girls' answers while playing Ultimate Outburst.
Classic Scott Warner
This is a classic Scott Warner pose--drunk with his underwear around his ankles!
It's only about 11:00 PM, and Scott is down and out after consuming enough alcohol to sterilize a wound the size of a football field.
Party on, Scott!
Everyone gets a kick out of Scott Warner being drunk.
Where did all this snow come from?
Wet, heavy snow plasters the condo in the morning.
The gang's all here!
Everyone poses in front of Tunnel Mountain before heading home.