Chilliwack Lake
Kelly Wood's uncle and aunt, Jim and Elinore Lyons, have a spacious cabin located not far from Chilliwack Lake in British Columbia.  On 2 April 2003, Jim and Elinore were kind enough to allow Kelly and me to spend a night at their cabin.  After helping them unload some firewood, Kelly and I went to check out the lake while Jim and Elinore headed back to their home in nearby Abbotsford.  Because the gate to the provincial campground was closed, we drove to a roadside pullout further along the Chilliwack Lake Road.  There, we were able to scramble down a steep embankment to the rocky lakeshore.  Later on, we parked by the gate and walked down to the beach, part of which is actually on private property.

Although we had planned on spending another day hiking in the area, fresh snowfall in the morning dampened our enthusiasm.  We decided to pack up and head back into town rather than waste a whole day's worth of firewood in order to keep warm.  Nevertheless, this whole area is intriguing enough to warrant future visits.
Chilliwack Lake
Chilliwack Lake
Where are the people?
Kelly wanders on the deserted beach at the north end of the lake.
Roughing it?
Jim and Elinore's Cabin
Supper might be awhile...
Sonny cooks up a storm over the cabin's wood stove.