Dressew is a huge fabric store located in downtown Vancouver (337 West Hastings Street to be exact).  Kelly Wood and I were in town visiting my friend, Angie Gignac, on 5 April 2003, and for lack of anything better to do (it was pouring cats and dogs all day), we visited this quaint store.  While Dressew is not exactly a terrific tourist destination (unless you're a sewing fanatic), it does have one very interesting section full of wigs, masks, assorted body parts, and other costume accessories.  It's definitely the place to go for all your costuming needs.
Beauty, eh?
Angie goes for the 'gold'.
Crazy Girls
Kelly is just tickled pink, and Angie is still looking for her Raggedy Andy.
Deathly funny!
Living in Vancouver is taking its toll on Angie's complexion.
Oh Borg!
Stop by and visit Dressew.  Resistance is futile!
Don't lose your head!
Something about the West Coast weather makes Sonny want to just stuff an apple in his mouth and rip his head off.
Nice gums!
Kelly really needs to have her teeth cleaned, and those gums look pretty bad too.