Easter Dinner Party
On 19 April 2003, Kelly Wood and I threw an informal Easter Dinner Party at our place.  We cooked up some chili and served it with garlic bread and some salad.  Later on, we had some fun playing with some of the musical instruments lying around in our house.  Dan Millar also brought some of his homemade didgeridoos (made from PVC pipes), and we all had a blast trying them out.
Play that funky music white boy!
Scott Warner plays his own trombone for the first time in a long while...and it shows.
The next Kenny G?
Scott Mair tries out Kelly's tenor saxophone while Dorthea Carter sways to the 'music'.
What a blast!
Marcella Pesiri would look good in a marching band.
Dan the Euphonium Man
Dan blows some interesting notes on the euphonium.
G'day mate!
Kelly watches as Scott tries out one of Dan's didgeridoos.  
Big enough for ya, Dolly?
Marcella appears unimpressed with Dorthea's 'blowing' technique.