Elbow Lake Ski

Taking advantage of the fine weather on 30 November 2003, Kelly Wood and I skied to Elbow Lake in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.  Although this is generally considered a pretty easy cross-country ski trip, the steep, narrow trail near the parking lot is a good test of one's herringboning and snowplowing techniques.  After skiing across the frozen lake, we continued north until the snow literally petered out in what is known as Desolation Flat (see photo below).  After a short lunch break, we returned the same way except with a few extra spills and wipeouts between the lake and the parking lot.
Are you sure the lake is frozen?! Kelly skis across Elbow Lake.  The northern outlier of Mount Rae is straight ahead.
Mesmerizing, isn't it? Interesting patterns in the snow attest to the power of the wind in this area.
Let's go hiking! Kelly and Sonny abandon their skis at Desolation Flat.  Tombstone Mountain dominates the view to the north.
Elpoca Mountain hard-on? This rocky protrusion is part of the southern outlier of Elpoca Mountain.
Tempting fate for the second time! Kelly skis back across Elbow Lake.
Black Diamond ski run? Sonny gets set for the wild ride down to the parking lot.