Elk Mountain
On 1 April 2003, I attempted to hike up both Elk Mountain and Mount Thurston near Chilliwack, British Columbia.  I began the hike with a steady ascent through the trees, and as I gained elevation, I encountered more and more snow on the trail.  By the time I reached the summit of Elk Mountain, it was snowing heavily, and visibility was poor.  Concerned about retracing my tracks in the deepening snow, I decided to abandon my attempt on Mount Thurston.  It's not wise to test one's luck on April Fool's Day.
Blair Witch Project 2?
This is a somewhat disturbing sight on the side of the trail up Elk Mountain.
Typical day in the mountains!
After breaking out of the trees, Sonny is disappointed by the lack of views on this overcast day.
What's the point of going on?
From near the summit of Elk Mountain, Sonny  surveys the connecting ridge to Mount Thurston.