Foran Grade Ridge
On 19 May 2003, Ken Laing, Stephanie Stotz-Laing, Evalyn Wood, Kelly Wood and I traversed Foran Grade Ridge in the Sheep River Area of Kananaskis Country.  The hike is pretty easy but still affords some respectable views of the Sheep River Valley and some distant peaks.  We completed a loop by following parts of the Windy Point Trail and the Sheep Trail.
A nice day for a walk.
A red blaze marks the start of the trail.  The ridge is on the horizon.
Good views already!
Ken stops to admire the view of the Sheep River winding up into the mountains in the distance.
Marching up the ridge
Wow, everyone's actually smiling on this hike!
Police lineup?
Everyone poses at a clearing just before the trail drops into the valley.
Tail end of the hike
Kelly hikes along the Sheep Trail with Windy Point Ridge visible in the distance.