Kelly Wood's Birthday
On 3 January 2003, Kelly Wood celebrated her 34th birthday.  I treated her to dinner at the Ginger Beef Restaurant where we were joined by numerous friends.  The fabulous dinner included such dishes as Peking duck, salt and pepper squid/shrimp, barbecued chicken, sweet and sour pork chops, and beef with Chinese broccoli.  After having cake and opening her gifts, Kelly invited everyone over to our place for some refreshments and a rip-roaring game of Cranium.
Happy Birthday to Kelly!
Grace Bou, Kelly and Sonny celebrate Kelly's 34th birthday.
Blue icing is the best!
Kelly's birthday cake looks terrific.
Dan actually picked out the cake for Kelly.
Dan Millar eats the cake with verve while Grace looks unimpressed.
Three classy ladies.
Grace poses with Yolanda Casado and Marcela Pesiri.
Marcela makes an obscene gesture with play dough.
Scott Mair, Raman Srivastava, Yolanda and Joanne Francis watch Marcela sculpting a 'masterpiece' during a game of Cranium.
Joanne has seen the Light!
The party starts getting weird after a few beers.
It's about 2:00 AM, and Kelly has to work the next day!
Yolanda, Joanne and Kelly try and figure out the definition for "syzygy".