Mount Lawrence Grassi
Continuing my recent trend of late starts, I started out from the trailhead at about 3:00 PM on 4 August 2003 to scramble up Mount Lawrence Grassi (2685 metres) near Canmore, Alberta.  Similar in character to nearby Chinaman's Peak (I still prefer the old name over the politically correct Ha Ling Peak), the route up Mount Lawrence Grassi is nothing more than a steep hike, and I had no problems getting up to the double summits.  I was dismayed that there wasn't a register in either of the two summit cairns since I spent 'considerable creative energy' coming up with a limerick for the mountain.  After spending about 45 futile minutes trying to get some decent photographs at the summit, I descended and returned to my car by 8:00 PM.
Are we there yet?
After clearing the trees, the route continues up the left-hand ridge.  The two summit blocks are visible in the distance.
Summit of Mount Lawrence Grassi...believe it or not!
Sonny sits beside the cairn on the north summit. could be anywhere with a pile of rocks!
The Squaw's Other Tit
Sonny scrambles up the south summit block.  Goat Pond can be seen far below.
You speak Chinese?
Chinaman's Peak looks uncharacteristically deserted.
Nice beaver.
I came across this less-than-busy beaver in the canal at the foot of the mountain on the way in and out.