Lisa Allen's Party

Lisa Allen hosted a party for her co-workers on 31 January 2003 (payday, of course).  We ordered take-out Chinese food for dinner which was rather appropriate since it was Chinese New Year's Eve.  Everyone enjoyed the variety of dishes including ginger beef, salt and pepper squid, Chinese broccoli in garlic, and Shanghai noodles. For dessert, there were three types of cheesecake:  chocolate-mint, strawberry, and "Jumanah" (a belly dancer sent by my friend, Angie Gignac, to embarrass the daylights out of me).  The evening was rounded out with another fun game of Cranium.
It's party time!
From L to R, Shari Thiessen, Colin Gray, Jolana Matuska, and Mark Groves wait with anticipation for dessert.
How YOU doin'?
T.T. gives his best GQ look.
Great party!
"Jumanah" knows how to entertain a crowd.
Get jiggy with it!
"Jumanah" and Sonny get jiggy with it.
Here are the other cheesecakes at the party.
Santamaria Lab's Finest
The Santamaria Lab technicians are, from L to R, T., Shari, Marcela Deuma-Myers, Sonny, Jolana and Lisa.
Scary Shari
Don't get Shari angry.  She plays D&D.
Dilly from Chile!
Marcela, what was your reaction when Troy proposed to you?