M*A*S*H Bash
I went to a M*A*S*H party at a local bar on the evening of 13 September 2003.  While it wasn't the most raucous party I've ever been to, my friends and I had a pretty good time.  Dressing up as characters from the hit TV show was a lot of fun, and we were also treated to a nice roast beef dinner to boot.
M*A*S*H reunion?
From L to R are Jerry Scapillati, Scott Warner, Sonny, Joanne Francis, Scott Mair, Kelly Wood, Dorthea Carter, and Yolanda Casado.
Sonny needs a few more beers...
Scott (a.k.a. Klinger) tries to get fresh with Sonny.
Looking good...well, two out of three ain't bad!
Dorthea, Jerry and Scott are having a good time at the party.
We want something good!
Everyone lines up for some food from the "mess".
Pool sharks?
Dorthea and Yolanda watch Kelly "hustle" some poor schmucks.
Who's hand is on your chest, Joanne??
Joanne, Scott and Jerry are still partying hard!
Che Guevara lives!
Che Guevara lives!
The Lady IS A Tramp!
While he may dress funny at times, Scott is all serious when it comes to darts.