Narao Peak
Rocky Mountain Books hosts an online bulletin board where outdoor enthusiasts often share and discuss their adventures in the mountains of Western Canada.  Some of these outdoor enthusiasts also have personal web pages in which they provide descriptions and photographs of their various endeavours.  After some discussion on the bulletin board, a small group of us with personal web pages decided to meet and scramble up a mountain together.

In the wee hours of the morning of 11 October 2003, Vern Dewit, Frank Nelson, Peter Nelson (Frank's younger brother), Dave Stephens and I met at the Esso gas station at the west end of Calgary, Alberta with the intention of scrambling up Narao Peak in Yoho National Park.  Vern had some car troubles, but he was so keen on coming that he shelled out $40 for a cab ride to meet up with us!  Frank was kind enough to accomodate all of us in his minivan, and we reached the Lake O'Hara parking lot about half an hour before sunrise.  After a brisk walk up the road and briefly on the trail to Ross Lake, we bushwhacked up to treeline before ascending a rubbly slope to gain the crest of Narao Peak's north ridge.  We then followed the ridge up to the summit.  Chilly conditions and limited visibility curtailed our stay at the top.  Except when I briefly got separated from the rest of the group in the trees, we all made it back down without any major mishaps.  Our total round-trip time was 7.5 hours.  Despite the foul weather, this trip was overall a very positive experience for me, and I certainly would welcome the opportunity to go scrambling again with these fine gentlemen.
Another slog.
Sonny had a hard time keeping up with the rest of the guys as they climbed up the rubbly slope.
Things get interesting...
Vern and Frank wait as Peter heads up a narrow, snow-filled gully.
Better than sleeping in on a Saturday morning?
Frank scrambles up some slippery rocks above Vern.
Hmmm...sure hope that's the summit!
The true summit is barely visible through the clouds.
Who's the clown on the summit?
Dave reaches the 2974-metre summit.
We couldn't have picked a nicer day!
Frank puts on some warm mitts as Peter approaches the summit.  Sherbrooke Lake is visible in the distance.
We made it!
The five guys crazy enough to scramble up Narao Peak in these conditions are (L to R) Frank, Vern, Peter, Dave and Sonny.
Tricky downclimbing.
Descending the north ridge was not without some difficulty.
Dave traverses the top of a steep snow slope while Frank and Peter work their way down the snowy gully.
Four feet are better than two!
Frank knows that having hiking poles is like having an extra pair of feet.