Mount Nkwala
On 30 March 2003, Evalyn Wood, Kelly Wood and I hiked up Mount Nkwala near Penticton, British Columbia.  Despite the roundabout route to the top and the ugly radio transmitter there, it was a pleasant outing which granted fine views of Okanagan Lake, Penticton, and the surrounding mountains.
A fine viewpoint.
From the top of Mount Nkwala, Sonny looks toward Penticton and Skaha Lake.
Wasabi peas anyone?
Kelly and Evalyn Wood munch on some lunch.
See the Ogopogo?
To the north can be seen Okanagan Lake, Summerland, and Giant's Head Mountain.
Jumping junipers, Batman!
These juniper berries almost look good enough to eat.
Find the woodpecker (tough).
Despite the Okanagan Valley's arid climate, there are some vividly green vegetation to be found.