Othello Tunnels
On our way to Penticton from Squamish, Kelly Wood and I stopped near Hope, British Columbia to visit the Othello Tunnels.    Part of the historic Kettle Valley Railway (KVR), the tunnels are situated in a formidable gorge carved out by the Coquihalla River.   The tunnels and the accompanying bridges are simply a marvel to behold; we could easily appreciate the difficulties faced by the engineers who constructed them.

After walking through all the tunnels, we continued hiking along the KVR for a short while before returning via the Hope-Nicola Valley Trail.  This trail, which seemingly goes nowhere in particular and has very few merits, climbs about 200 metres to a viewless, forested col before dropping down the other side into a maze of side-trails and old, logging roads.  Despite some tricky route-finding, we eventually made our way back to the trailhead.
Enter at your own risk!
Kelly reads the interpretive sign beside the entrance to the first tunnel.
Amazing rock face!
The rock face above the entrance to the second tunnel is most impressive.
Amazing feat of engineering!
The Othello Tunnels are a testament to both human ingenuity and determination.
Roads go ever on...
Kelly follows the KVR beyond the tunnels.
Interesting plaque on a trail to nowhere.
This sign is on a tree at the high point of the Hope-Nicola Valley Trail.