Ptarmigan Hut Ski
On 17 February 2003, Dan Millar, Kelly Wood and I skied up to the Ptarmigan Hut behind the Lake Louise Ski Area in Banff National Park.  The Ptarmigan Hut, also known as Halfway Hut because it is about halfway to the famed Skoki Lodge, is an empty log cabin maintained by Parks Canada primarily to serve as a day or emergency shelter for backcountry travellers.  It is also reputedly haunted by the ghosts of local avalanche victims.  Fittingly, we all heard a rather eerie sound while we were finishing up our lunch inside the cabin.  Kelly thought it sounded like a car was pulling up to the cabin.  Could that be similar to the sound of an avalanche?
That's a funny way to ski.
Dan and Kelly adopt a rather unorthodox style of skiing.
Tough climb!
Kelly and Dan grunt their way up the steepest hill on the trip.
Almost there!
Kelly reaches the open flats below the cliffs of Redoubt Mountain.
Haunted Hut
Kelly reaches Ptarmigan Hut.
I see dead people.
The inside of the cabin strangely feels colder than the outside.  A supernatural phenomenon, perhaps?
The fun begins!
Dan and Kelly begin the long descent back to the parking lot with Mount Temple dominating the background.
Whiskey Jack
This gray jay watches attentively for dropped scraps of food.
Saddle Peak and Mount Fairview
While many of the taller mountains are shrouded in clouds, Saddle Peak and Mount Fairview are readily visible here.