Pulpit Rock
Pulpit Rock is a rocky prominence overlooking Nelson, British Columbia.  It is actually part of Elephant Mountain which dominates the northern skyline of the town.  On 12 April 2003, I hiked up to this popular viewpoint which no doubt sees visitors all year round.  Hoping to get away from the multitude of hikers crowding Pulpit Rock, I climbed further up Elephant Mountain on a good trail which steepens considerably (some easy scrambling) until it reaches a grassy plateau.  Here, I had a truly commanding view of Nelson as well as the Kootenay River Valley to the southwest.  Although the trail continues into the trees toward the true summit of Elephant Mountain, the abundance of snow in those same trees plus the unsettled weather deterred me from going any further.
Don't stop here!
This is the view of Nelson from Pulpit Rock.
Better than walking around downtown!
Sonny climbs higher to get an even more expansive view of the area.
Cute dog!
'Sandy', a local hiker's dog, was a real trooper climbing up so high.
Get a real motel room instead!
The window of my room at the Dancing Bear Inn is indicated.
Great vertical!
Despite the town's charms, Sonny begins to go stir-crazy.