Rupali Srivastava's Birthday
On 10 May 2003, a surprise birthday party was held for Rupali Srivastava (her birthday is actually on May 11th which coincidentally was also Mother's Day this year).  Her husband, Raman, arranged to have her out of their house to allow all the party guests to arrive secretly.  As usual with Srivastava parties, it was a raucous affair with plenty of food and shouting.  After the usual late dinner, Rupali had her cake followed by the opening of gifts.
Yolanda Casado looks at the surprise on Rupali's face.
Dorthea Carter's new son, Troy, is in the loving arms of his aunt, Joanne Francis.
Nicholas Srivastava
Rupali's younger son, Nicholas Srivastava, is in good spirits during the party.
Happy Birthday to you...
Rupali helps Nicholas cut her cake while Simran Srivastava (cousin of Raman) looks on.
Let the feeding begin!
Raman's mom, Vijay Srivastava, begins the traditional hand-feeding of cake to the birthday girl.
What a mess!
The cake feeding sometimes gets out of hand.