Scott Warner's Birthday
My friend, Scott Warner, celebrated his 35th birthday on 17 May 2003.  It was a typical Warner bash with lots of alcohol, finger foods, and good laughs.  Keeping his priorities straight, Scott opened up his presents first before having his birthday cake.  Everyone played Electronic Catchphrase to top off the evening.
Mother and Daughter
Kelly Wood and Evalyn Wood are enjoying the party.
More party people!
Keith Warner, Yolanda Casado and Marian Warner are also enjoying the party.
A classy lady!
This is the classic Joanne Francis party pose--holding a glass of white wine.
A typical gift for Scott Warner
Scott likes what he got for his birthday--more alcohol.
Call the fire department!
The heat from the candles on Scott's cake is a bit too much to bear.
Your father's moustache!
Sonny pokes fun at Raman Srivastava's cheesy moustache.