My Birthday
On 21 January 2003, I celebrated my 35th birthday.  Although much of my day was spent at work, Kelly Wood treated me and my mom to a nice dinner at Tony Roma's Restaurant in the evening.  Most of my friends then joined me at my place to help me celebrate with a cake and numerous presents including a set of rather whacky eye-glasses from that crazy guy, Dan Millar.  We ended the evening with a rousing game of Outburst.
Party time!
From L to R, Raman Srivastava, Scott Warner, Sonny, Scott Mair, Yolanda Casado, and Rupali Srivastava watch as Sonny's cake triggers a three-alarm fire.
Kelly made this nice 'White Forest' cake from scratch.
Sonny shows off his new sweater and 'hat'.
Ah so!
Sonny:  "You speak Chinese?"
Dank you very much!
Raman actually looks smarter with those glasses on!
They don't pay me no more!
Scott has finally found a replacement for those expensive sunglasses he lost in South Africa.
I'm too sexy!
Scott thinks these are X-Ray specs.
What are you staring at?
Yolanda:  "Do you think I could get a job as an administrative assistant?"
Do you think I look beautiful?
Rupali:  "Don't you still find me attractive, Raman?  Raman??"
Oh c'mon!
Sonny's mom, Grace, doesn't look half bad with those whacky glasses on!
Dan:  "My God!  These X-Ray specs actually do work!"
Oinyeah, oinyeah!
Listening to Sonny playing his trombone has had a marked effect on Kelly.