Storelk Mountain
I have never liked the name of Storelk Mountain.  It seems like an afterthought tacked on by a lazy cartographer.  Nevertheless, I went out to the Highwood Pass area of Kananaskis Country on 14 September 2003 to scramble up this impressive-looking but ill-named peak.  While I had some route-finding problems (light bushwhacking) below treeline, I generally had a trouble-free ascent.  The weather was quite cool on this day (it was snowing at times), so I didn't linger too long on the summit.  Some of the steeper sections of the crux (gully below the crest of the summit ridge) looked much more intimidating on my descent, but with due diligence, I managed to downclimb the toughest parts without incident.  I was back at my car after a round-trip time of 6 hours.
Storelk Mountain
This is Storelk Mountain's more imposing side as seen from Highway 40.  The scramble route goes up the ridge to the left of the middle basin.
Another grind...
This is the terrain just below the crest of the summit ridge.
Still some work left...
From the ridge crest, Storelk Mountain's summit still looks a long ways off.
Brrr...anyone got a cigarette?  Just kidding.
Sonny stands atop the 2867-metre summit of Storelk Mountain.
Future explorations?
This is the view south along the 'spine of the continent'.  Everything to the left of the ridge is Alberta, and everything on the right is British Columbia.