Mount Ware
On 14 June 2003, Dan Millar, Kelly Wood and I traversed the summit of Mount Ware in the Sheep River area of Kananaskis Country.  Named after the famous black cowboy, John Ware, this rather diminutive peak  (2124 metres)  makes up for its lack of size with an abundance of stunning views.  The approach along the Gorge Creek Trail is also surprisingly scenic, and on this day, colourful wildflowers were to be found everywhere.  Getting from Gorge Creek Trail to Mount Ware's summit is somewhat tricky and requires good route-finding ability (ie. lucky guesses) and a willingness to thrash about in the bush (ie. masochism).  We followed numerous game trails that appeared and disappeared, and when we were in doubt, we simply headed upwards.  Fortunately, the bushwhacking wasn't that bad, and we were soon ascending the open slope south of the peak before circling east and scrambling the last few metres to the summit.  After lunch, we descended to the broad saddle west of the peak and eventually followed a drainage back to the Gorge Creek Trail.  The hike back to the parking lot seemed a lot longer in the hot afternoon sun.
Weird-looking sky!
A Chinook arch stretches across the sky.
Great day for hiking!
Dan and Kelly hike along Gorge Creek Trail.
Mount Ware
Dan approaches Mount Ware from the south.  He would eventually ascend the right (east) side.
2124 metres above sea level.
Dan relaxes beside the summit cairn.  At left is Bluerock Mountain.
Going down.
Kelly and Dan begin descending the summit ridge.
A respectable hunk of rock.
This is the view of Mount Ware from the saddle.  Kelly and Dan are at bottom left.
Cooling off.
Dan fords Gorge Creek.
A colourful meadow.
Wildflowers add a splash of colour to the green landscape.
Hey you!
Kelly and I interrupted this red squirrel's supper.