West Wind Pass
After a night of partying and drinking in Canmore, Alberta, I led a bunch of my friends on an easy hike up to nearby West Wind Pass on 1 May 2004.  Despite our group's mixed abilities (some had never hiked before) and some rough and icy sections of trail, we all made it to the pass in less than two hours.  I had already been to West Wind Pass on two previous occasions (en route to the summit of the Windtower), but the weather on this day was the most pleasant by far.  After a quick snack and some photos, we hiked back to our cars and returned to Canmore for more partying and drinking.
Are we there yet? All the women stop to admire the flora along the trail.  West Wind Pass is the gap at far right behind the trees.
Great way to clear a hangover! Scott Mair, Joanne Francis and Raman Srivastava take a break on the trail.
Where's the trail?? Scott and Rupali Srivastava traverse a rocky section where the trail sort of disappears.
Are we there yet? Scott Warner goes off-trail to get a better look at the Windtower in the background.
Wasn't so bad! Near the pass, Raman scrambles up some rocks to get a nice view of Spray Lakes Reservoir and some distant peaks including Mount Smuts and Mount Nestor.
Shouldn't everyone have a banana peel when they're posing? At West Wind Pass are (L to R) Sonny, Yolanda Casado, Scott W., Marcella Pesiri (kneeling with dog, Mina), Scott M., Joanne, Kelly Wood, Rupali and Raman.
Anyone for some chips? The Rimwall is a striking sight from West Wind Pass.